Graphically view top losses and runtime by any hierarchy - Plant, Line, Shift or Part - by all or specific reason codes.

Views include Pareto Charts, Pivot Grids and State Comparison Charts.

Cost of NONE

The cost of NONE! Learn how to define a custom field and calculate the cost of your downtime.

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Paynter Chart

A Paynter Chart is a combination Run Chart with Pareto chart.  Use this to see if your improvement projects are sustaining.

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This Tool Tip will guide you through the process of creating the MTBF and MTTR reports in OEE Studio.

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Average Event Duration

Finding Average Duration of specific events! Do you want to find the average duration of a specific loss event by the number of Jobs or Parts that you ran?

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Highlight None Events

Highlight 'NONE' Downtime Similar to OEE Alert Production State screen you can now highlight reason code None downtime.

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Analyze Loss Percentage to Total

Analyze Loss Percentage to Total Production Time Create a report that shows the percent of losses to the total line production time.

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Number of Occurrences

New-4.0 Optionally show the number of occurrences on the chart.

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Top Value Filtering

Top Value Filtering Find the Top 3 downtime reasons for a specific category of downtime, by line.

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Tabular Analysis Chart

New-4.4: Tabular Analysis We have now added charting capabilities to this screen!

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