Create Report Templates for you and others

Save to the Favorites Dashboard

Make a couple of parameter changes and print your updated report!

Favorite Reports Dashboard

Create Report Templates and save to Favorite Dashboard for you and your team.

Launch the report from the Dashboard - make a few parameter changes - and refresh the report!

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Arrange the Favorite Dashboard

You can Arrange the Favorite Dashboard to organize the sets of reports as you want to use them.

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Launch Reports from Favorite Dashboard

Launch Your Favorite Report Click on the Show button next to the favorite report you want to run. This will display your report with the saved parameters.

Click the Apply/Refresh button to view the report.

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Adding reports to the Favorite Dashboard

Add Reports to the Favorite Dashboard Set the parameters and click Add to Favorites

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Applying Report Parameters

Select the Parameters Set the parameters and click Add to Favorites

You can select the range for the report by day(s) or week(s).

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Viewing your Favorite Report

Click Apply/Refresh and view your data!

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