Implementation is fast and easy!

Analyze with true data rather than assumptions.

Simplifying complex production data. Reports can be created and used without any development costs.

OEEStudio enables you to pare down your production information to its simplest forms.

We can have you up and running within 2 hours - viewing and using the data from your Vorne XL (v1) systems!



Visualize your production data.  OEEStudio has been created for extreme ease of use and flexibility.  In just a few clicks, you can graphically drill down to virtually any level of detail.


OEE Trend Analysis

Compare KPIs for different plants, lines, shifts or even products with one another.  Set the target and assess improvement initiatives through trends in OEE, Availability, Performance or Quality.


AdHoc Shift Report

Create your own reports and save the layouts for all to use.  View data in table format or pivots where you can interactively change displays by simply dragging columns to filter data as needed.

Schedule and Email any of the canned reports.

Open the Toolbox!


  • Exceeds Expectations!! It took so long and was so much work to get the other Pareto reporting in the previous system (never accurately) that people were shocked to see one running so quickly with just a few hours for the demo/training.

    There was a bit of very minor grumbling about the inability to micro-customize (like you can do in a development project), but it was very heavily outweighed by the volume of reports that can (or can in the future) be used without any cost or development.

    There were benefits that we hadn't thought of - namely OEE Studio and Data Collector keeping up with the changes in the Vorne XL firmware.

    -- G.L.|C.I. Mgr|Global Agribusiness and Food Company
  • Last week we held a Kaizen to identify the top five pieces of equipment generating downtime on each of our two main packaging lines as well as steps to reduce the associated downtime.

    Using OEE Studio to analyze the data from our Vorne XL devices, the team was able to quickly gather the relevant data and focus their efforts on developing a plan to address the down time causes.

    Overall, the efficacy of OEE Studio allowed the Kaizen team to focus their time on identifying solutions instead of wading through large amounts of data and statistics.

    -- A.G.|Packaging OPS-QA Mgr|Large Milling Plant


Technical support is free of charge. There are 2 hours of free training in your initial purchase.

Additional training can be arranged online  - on a time and material basis.


Navigating Data JungleNeed help navigating through your data jungle?

Using OEE Studio, we can help you understand your data. We can show you different ways to analyze and use the tools to quickly gather the relevant data to help you focus your efforts on identifying solutions.

Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you!