Compare KPIs for different plants, lines, shifts or even products with one another.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

OOE (Overall Operations Effectiveness)

 TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance).

OEE Gains By Hierarchy

View OEE and components by hierarchy - Enterprise, Plants, Lines, Shifts or Parts.

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OEE Gains By Date

View OEE and components by date - Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year.

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OEE Gains by Shift

Compare Lines, Shifts, Parts, etc.

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OEE Drill Down

Drill-down in action! Right-click on any of the bars in the chart to view more detail associated with that component. For example, view all the Availablity Losses.  Then right-click one more time to view frequency and trend of a specific loss.

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TEEP with Statistics

Asset utilization - View the total performance of equipment based on the amount of time the equipment was available.

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OEE Losses

View OEE Losses by part to get a better handle on production.

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TEEP By Hierarchy

TEEP By Hierarchy View equipment performance by line or types of lines, depending upon your hierarchy.

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Efficiency Trends

Efficiency Trending - Compare OEE vs. Efficiency. View trending options.

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