Set the target and assess improvement intiatives through trends in OEE, Availability, Performance, Quality or Efficiency.

Includes YTD comparisons and Time & Frequency Loss charts for specific losses.

Compare Shifts ~ Lines ~ Parts. Compare same part - mutliple lines. Fast! Easy!

OEE Trends By Hierarchy

View OEE and A, P, Q components trends as they relate to one another. Use the Hierarchy and Production Filters to view the data you want.

Set a target, view Trend progression and Average trend.

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Compare OEE, Availability, Performance, Quality, Efficiency and more components from last year to this year-to-date.

View by Month, Quarter or Year.

View by Lines or Shifts.

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Time Frequency Trend

Select a specific loss type to view Time & Frequency trends by date grouping. View Trend progression along with Average progression.

You can also display the Average Duration of the loss event to get a sense of the nature of occurrences.

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Time Frequency and Duration Trend

Loss Reason Frequency and Duration - In addition to finding the average duration during the selected date range, you can now see the average duration at each data point.

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OEE Trend Comparisons

OEE Trends - Compare lines, shifts and parts. Highly selectable report options with consistent navigation.

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Time and Frequency Loss Trends

Loss Reason Trends - Highly selectable report options with consistent navigation. Select one or more lines. (v4.4)

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Efficiency Trends

Efficiency Trending - Compare OEE vs. Efficiency. View trending options.

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