Ad-Hoc Reporting - Shifts & Jobs

Create your own reports and save the layouts for yourself or to share with others.

View data in table format or pivot grids where you can interactively change displays

by simply dragging columns to different hierarchies to filter data as needed.

Interactive graphing included.

Why won't my Shift report print? Let's take a look at when your shifts end...

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Pivot Grid Chart Options

Change the Chart Type for your Pivot Grid reports.

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Custom Date Interval

View your data in date hierarchy - Year - Quarter - Month - Week - Day. Then color your chart.

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Defined Field Types

User Numbers and User Strings can contain any type of data. Now you can define your own Field Type for these custom fields.

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Get Days In Month Function

Get Days in Calendar Month Do you need to know how many calendar days are in a month for your special calculation?

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OEEAlert Comments

Shift and Job Comments from OEE Alert View the Shift and Job Comments that were entered in OEE Alert.

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Calculate PPH - PPLH Enter Labor Hours for each Shift and or Job within OEE Alert. This data is then saved with the Shift record and or the Job record. You use this value to calculate Parts Per Labor Hour (PPLH).

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Actual PPM

Calculate Actual PPH These calculations depict by hour, and you can change them for PPM.

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Target PPM

Calculate Target PPH Using Takt time to calculate Target Parts Per Hour.

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Split Y Axis

Split Y-Axis Charts Use to compare OEE vs. Good Count for a line, for a date range and chart it!

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Production Loss

Chart Production Losses The Production Losses or Hidden Factory refers to parts of a manufacturing process that decrease the quality or efficiency of an operation.

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Show Target Line

Show Target Line on Charts Show a trend of values and set the target!

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