Navigating through OEE Studio

Customize your Dashboard ~ Save reports as Favorites

Create Report Templates for you and others

Getting to good data in 3 clicks

Dashboard Filters

Customize YOUR dashboard to only view the data you want to see.

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What is a Pivot Grid?

Create your report in the Pivot Grid and then graphically represent that data in the Chart Layout.

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Pivot Grid - Set Font Size

Change the Font Size of the pivot grid and save it with the report format.

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Pivot Grid - Define New Fields Part 1

Define New Field Step 1 - Enter a Name and define a field type for your field.

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Pivot Grid - Define New Fields Part 2

Define New Field Step 2 - Proceed to the Expression Editor to build the calculations or expressions.

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Pivot Grid - Define New Fields Part 3

Define New Field Step 3 - View the data - Either through the Pivot Grid or Graphically displayed.

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Pivot Grid - Save and Restore Report Layouts

Save Layout allows you to save the layout of an ad hoc report you created.

Restore Layout allows you to restore or load a saved layout. You can save layouts for yourself or for All Users.

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Pivot Grid - Show and Hide Fields

Show and Hide Fields allows you to pick and choose which data elements you want displayed in the Pivot Grid. There are different data elements based on the selected Pivot Grid.

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Using Preset Dates

Preset Dates provides a quick and easy way to set the start and end calendar date ranges.



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Annotate Your Charts-1

Annotate your chart insert notes on charts.  You can print the chart with the on-screen notes.

They stay on the chart until you close the application.

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Annotate your Charts-2

Annotate your Charts! Once you insert a note, you can move it anywhere on the chart.  You can add as many notes as you want.

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Pivot Grid Drill-Down

Pivot Grid Drill-Down All of the Pivot Grids provide the ability to drill-down to the detailed data.

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Recent Screen Selector

Recent Screens Shows all the screens you went to during the active session of OEE Studio.

Helps when switching between multiple screens to easily get to the last one you were on.

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Excel Export

Show - Hide Main Menu To view reports in full screen mode - click on the Hide Main Menu button.

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Pivot Grid Layout

Understanding the Pivot Grid Layout Know where to place the data elements for maximum analysis.

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Top Value Filtering

Filter Top Values All pivot grids support filtering for top values.

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Export Data

Export Data Optionally select to Export Data to a multitude of options and to export to MS Excel either Raw data or Standard OEE Studio format.

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General Default Settings

Default Settings Now you can save the Default Settings by each user. This is especially helpful for mutliple locations with different time zones and shift start and end times. (v4.4)

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